Fashion Photoshop Tutorials

A faculty member asked me about video tutorials for teaching Adobe’s Photoshop to fashion design students. She had been charged with developing a new course and wanted to find resources to support her curriculum. The goals was to find video tutorials that taught Photoshop techniques that used fashion to teach the technique. For example, there is one tutorial from Adobe that highlights a fashion student’s work, Design a Fashion Textile (2017).

I’m not a heavy Adobe user so I’m not certain how quickly a software tutorial may become outdated. I’ve included dates below for quick reference.

I started my search with While my institution does not subscribe, our public library does – and yours may too! Students can often get a public library card for the system that supports their institution’s region. Fashion tutorials for Photoshop include Photoshop for Fashion Design: Rendering Techniques (2013), Photoshop Retouching: Fashion Editorial (2013), Fixing Teeth in a Fashion Photography (listed as covering Photoshop) (2016-2018), and Changing Makeup Color on the Lips (from Learning Photoshop: Portrait Retouching) (2017).

Not surprisingly, there were a lot of tutorials to plow through on YouTube. I selected videos based on the creators and I’ve included links for additional information about them. I selected creators who focus on Photoshop tutorials and had a large subscriber base. LinkedIn Learning Tutorials (website) is connected with LinkedIn and (2009-2015). Easy Beauty Photoshop Retouching Tutorial from PSD Box Official (2015) (website) only does Photoshop tutorials and also includes videos like Realistic Fabric Folds Effect in Photoshop (2007). Photoshop Tutorial for Fashion Design from Designers Nexus (website) says it’s developed by two professional fashion designers (2011-2012). How to Change Clothing Texture in Photoshop (2017) and How to Smooth Skin with Dodge & Burn (2017) are by Nemanja Sekulic who also as a few tutorials related to hair (2016-present). Dansky has tutorials on hair (2016-present) and Adding Digital Makeup (2015). Michael Woloszynowicz is a fashion photographer with tutorials related to fashion (2013-present) and makeup (2012-2015).

I also searched Vimeo but much of the content was older than what’s on YouTube. And, though the faculty member was looking for videos, I did send along a few book titles that might be useful in developing curriculum. These link to WorldCat; see if your library has them.

Fashion and Textile Design with Photoshop and Illustration by Robert Hume (2016)
Fashion drawing : illustration techniques for fashion designers by Michele Wesen Bryant (2016)
Fashion designer’s handbook for Adobe Illustrator by Marianne Centner & Frances Vereker (2012)
Adobe Photoshop for fashion design by Susan M. Lazear (according to publisher, this is the latest edition) (2010)
Essential fashion illustration : digital by Loreto Binvignat Streeter (covers Photoshop and Illustrator) (2010)
Digital textile design by Melanie Bowles and Ceri Isaac (covers Photoshop and Illustrator) (2009)

Know of more Photoshop tutorials focused on fashion? Please share!