League of Awesome Librarians

This isn’t immediately Fashion-librarian related, but I was writing this for our library newsletter and I thought you might be interested as well.

a scrren shot from the opening pages of the League of Awesome Librarians showing various articles and topics being discussion in this online community.

Last Spring I went to the Library Unconference, a unique gathering spnsored by the Library Collective that I really enjoyed.  The sessions were all highly interactive, immediately useful, and well-presented.  Plus the swag was The Best. That group has now launched an online community called the League of Awesome Librarians.  There is a subscription fee, so I considered that a little review would help people consider whether it’s worth it.

Once you’ve joined (there are 3 levels of support that get you more or less online content), you have access to the posts, discussions, Mastermind groups, and social media of the LAL site.  The site itself is well-designed, and makes easy sense.  At the mid-level membership, there are also quarterly “free” webinars, and if you buy in at the “I’m rich” level, you even get a quarterly sway bag.

There also multiple ways to meet up with librarians, subgroups to join, regular discussion starters to weight in on.  I like that the topics encompass library minutia as well as tangential fun topics like:

We’ve all got one—a lipstick shade, a candy, a soda flavor (cough, New Coke, cough). What discontinued product do you want to make a comeback?

(This prompt was a piece of larger theme of comebacks in librarianship: books, ideas, articles). 

Well done. The feel of the LAL is friendly, immediate, realistic, useful. I’m enjoying it so far. Happy to answer any questions.

(No, this is not a paid advertisement or even something LAL suggested, just my genuine boost of a good thing. -SBS)

Introducing Co-Vice Moderator Caetllonn Sedjwyc!

Caetllonn Seadjwyc recently acquired her MLIS from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Prior to embarking on a career in librarianship, she designed, manufactured, and sold her jewellery collection throughout both Canada and the US, among many other endeavors. Caetllonn has long since demonstrated an affinity for all things fashion, textile, and costume related, most recently evidenced by an ever-expanding series of style-related Pinterest boards and far too many pieces of vintage fabric tucked away in her storage closet. 

“I’m delighted to be part of a community that is as interested and inspired by garments and the many varied stories they tell—some frivolous, some political, but always intriguing—as I am! I look forward to interacting with as many FTC SIG members as possible during my time as a co-vice moderator… and beyond, too.”

Online Labs?

Has anyone curated a list of online labs for textiles, clothing, and related courses?  I am working right now on an intro to textiles class that normally has a 1-hour lab for things like identification, staining and removal, dying, testing, etc.  While our university provided a big lab list, few are applicable.  Hoping you have some suggestions.

Last Day for Contributing Writers!

Today is the deadline for contributing writers!

The ARLIS Fashion Textile and Costume Special Interest Group is currently seeking members who are willing to commit to blogging. FTC bloggers should commit to writing one post a quarter for a minimum of one year. If you are interested in being a regular blogger for FTC, please fill out the form here by June 30th, 2020.

ARLIS FTC members already have access to contribute content to this blog and are encouraged to post announcements and individual posts in this space.

Please note that you do need to be an ARLIS FTC member in order to sign up!

Fashion, Textile, and Costume SIG Annual Meeting 2020 Summary

The ARLIS/NA 2020 Conference in-person conference was canceled in early March and instead ARLIS/NA held a virtual membership meeting on April 22nd, 2020 (recording here). Special Interest Groups were asked to schedule their own virtual membership meetings for their members.

The Fashion, Textile, and Costume Special Interest Group held their meeting on Thursday May 7th. At this meeting we:

  • Thanked Shannon Robinson and Olivia Warschaw for their guidance as Co-Moderators for the previous year and presented the annual report
  • Discussed the status of old and finished projects (including the finalization of migrating all Fashion Librarian’s Resources Guide to this platform)
  • Solicited new contributors for this blog (apply here)
  • Angela E. Weaver, Fine & Performing Arts Librarian at the University of Puget Sound, presented on her digital casebook project La France Sauvée ou le Tyran Détrôné: A Dramaturgical Casebook
  • Bloomsbury rep Selina Mahar presented on updated and upcoming products

This year will undoubtedly be new territory for everyone in every industry but I look forward to navigating it with you all.

Lauren Bradley
Fashion, Textiles, and Costume SIG