Share your background on the Member Profiles page!

Hi FTC’ers!

Considering that our FTC SIG is less than two months old, I’m happy to say that we’re doing quite well with membership!  Our blogroll shows we’re all doing a variety of FTC-related work in a variety of institutions.   So please log in and post a profile telling us who you are, where you work, and anything else you’d like to share.  You’re all too fascinating to be this silent!  🙂

Sandra Ley (FTC Moderator)


4 thoughts on “Share your background on the Member Profiles page!

  1. Hi Sandra!

    Is there a profile page for Fashion Snoops? I would like to include my contact info.
    is there a way for me to create a member profile page?

    thanks for your help!!

    • Hi Cecilia,

      You may leave your personal profile under “Member Profiles,” but I wonder if it might be helpful to have an “Institutional/Business Members” section where all business profiles could be added? (For example, Berg is another FTC member that might like to leave a business profile.) If you like the idea, I’d by happy to create a new page. Just let me know!



      • Well if the institutional/business members section is not moderated you may end up with lot’s of companies listing their profiles in order to promote their business. I’m not sure that’s what you want. How about instead a monthly or every other month ‘column’ that features one library or collection? Similar to what the ARLIS/TX-MX chapter did on their website at After a couple of years you’d have a nice listing! You could do something similar for selected businesses such as Berg.

        • Great ideas, Janine! Thanks!

          I like the idea of a monthly “column” featuring a library, collection, or even an institution/publisher/resource in the FTC area. (Are there any volunteers?) Or shall we ask that individuals write & submit their own article? Please send me feedback on this!

          I’m very new to blogging. Does anyone happen to know if just one page on a blog can be moderated? If so, please contact me. (Actually, any FTC librarians with WordPress blogging skills would be welcome to join me in building this blog!) Just contact me! 🙂

          Thanks again, Janine!

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