Limited access to StyleSight blogs

 Hi FTC’ers –
Playing around online, I found that StyleSight provides open WWW access to the current week’s postings from their various style blogs, listed below.  (Nice to know!)  I plan on linking them to my library’s fashion subject guide.  You can access them from the FTC SIG Fashion Librarian’s Resource Guide’s Websites/Pathfinders tab, under the Blogs section:
  • StyleSight “Graphic Content” Graphics Blog
  • StyleSight Accessorize Blog
  • StyleSight Active Ingredients Blog
  • StyleSight D3 (Denim Daily Dose) Blog
  • Stylesight Fashion Office Buzz Blog
  • StyleSight Footnotes (Footwear trends blog)
  • StyleSight Intimate Details (Lingerie & swimwear trends blog)
  • StyleSight Style Traveler Blog
  • StyleSight StyleSightings Blog
  • Stylesight Vintage Vault Blog
  • Stylesight Zeitgeist Blog

Author: Sandra Ley

Sandra Ley is the visual arts and fashion design librarian for Pima Community College in Tucson, Arizona.

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