Fashion Snoops Trend Forecasting Blogs

Welcome to Fashion Snoops!

To give you a taste of how trends evolve, the Trend Editors at Fashion Snoops would like to share with you our blogs and our creative space where we voice our thoughts, inspirations and future trend ideas as they happen in real time.

Experience our FREE Fashion Snoops Blogs and feel free to share with your fashion faculty and students. is an online forecasting service and consulting company that empowers and is embraced by leading companies and academic institutions around the world by providing them with inspiring content, irrefutable research, on-trend forecasts and strategic guidance. As your partner in trend forecasting, Fashion Snoops delivers timely and comprehensive information from an international team of over 100 fashion editors, trend experts and researchers, all in a mission to provide comprehensive and directional trend guidance.

Interested in subscribing to Fashion Snoops for your university, college or institution?

Contact: Cecilia Oliva

T. 646-395-3147


Author: Fashion Snoops

Fashion Snoops, a global online trend-tracking solution is a design industry resource standard. It’s created by a group of savvy designers and forecasters with a vision to bring market and trend insight to design and style-related companies. Established in 2001, Fashion Snoops offers design creatives a unique and attractive combination of up-to-the-minute trend knowledge and unmatched global research.

One thought on “Fashion Snoops Trend Forecasting Blogs”

  1. Hi Cecilia,

    Thank you so much for sharing these free online resources!

    As you know, small colleges tend to have limited budgets. In a tough economy, a trend forecasting service may be considered an unaffordable luxury. I’m happy that I can provide our students with at least a tiny taste of what trend forecasting services have to offer. I’ll include this link on Pima Community College Library’s fashion LibGuides. Thanks again!

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