H.W. Wilson and EBSCO merger

I’d love to hear your thoughts about the Wilson/EBSCO merger. Is your institution planning to subscribe to Art Source, the new super arts database or will you subscribe to the arts databases as separate products? Our collection development committee is meeting later this month to discuss this latest change to our electronic resources.


One thought on “H.W. Wilson and EBSCO merger

  1. Hi Caley,

    After campaigning for several months, last Spring our librarians approved a subscription to Wilson Arts Full Text. The new database goes live in July 2011. While I was thrilled to hear that we’ll be accessing Wilson Arts via the more user-friendly EBSCO interface, I’m going to wait a year and collect usage stats before I consider promoting the new Super Arts Source database. (But, yes, it’s on my radar!)

    In the current economy, we have to be *very* careful with new purchases. New databases are voted on by librarians, and they lean heavily toward multidisciplinary resources. I feel like getting Wilson Arts was already a huge score for me.

    Has a price been announced yet for the new Arts Source “super” database?

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