Now available: The Vogue [US] Archive

In a recent blog post entitled Care for the “elderly” analogue magazines, published in late July 2011, i boldly conjectured: “[…] we do not know whether publishers have digitalized copies of their paper editions hidden in a safe somewhere.  Maybe some of them have already made a deal with Google? If so, they kept it well up their sleeve…”. Today I received an e-mail with this link: Now available:  The Vogue [US] Archive

Speaking of the Devil…

Fred Goudswaard
librarian AMFI
(Amsterdam Fashion Institute)


8 thoughts on “Now available: The Vogue [US] Archive”

  1. Do we know of anybody who has taken this on so far?

    Our ProQuest rep was on the phone to me for 16 minutes this afternoon trying to get me buy the whole archive for nearly $19K as somebody told him we’d be getting it. He sounded pretty desperate to get us to take it on and was offering us a fashion ebook archive of 26 titles for free.

  2. I’ve heard back from the Vogue Archive Rep… As much as I’d like to have the resource, it’s price is far outside of our meager budget. At least I can say that the ProQuest rep is very responsive and helpful. I’ll be interested in hearing back from others once they’ve trialed the resource and are decided whether to purchase. (Sherri? :-))

    1. Our ProQuest rep visited yesterday and we got to see a demo of the site. I’m quite impressed with it. The image quality is fine (I thought it might be a little higher), and there’s a lot of content on there. Vogue have created their own indexing terms to use, alongside other search types available on the ProQuest platform. It’s also cross-searchable with other databases you might have, such as DAAI or ArtBibliographies Modern.
      I’ve not set up a trial yet, my workload is rather heavy just now (6 hours of sessions today!), but I envisage doing so soon.

      I’m not surprised about the price we’ve been given – there are two, one for outright purchase with a nominal maintenance fee each year for the addition of new issues, and a separate price for an annual subscription. That said, I’ve no idea if we’d be able to afford it. I’m anticipating that Art Full Text’s integration into the EBSCO platform will cost us extra that’s more important. The Vogue Archive is a nice-to-have item, not a necessity. Our print collection goes back to the 1920s, so it’s not as if we don’t have the content somewhere.

  3. A ProQuest rep came to talk to me about 5 or 6 months ago and told me about it. He’s now trying to set up a demo for us in the next couple of weeks. If I manage to arrange something (the start of the new academic year is not great timing!) I’ll report back.


  4. This is great! Thanks for posting this, Fred. Does anyone out there have any experience with this resource? If so, tell us what you think about it. I’ve just sent an e-mail off to the sales representative requesting more information. I’ll post once I’ve heard back.

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