Trend Assignment for Fashion Forecasting Students

The best time to analyze up and coming fashion trends is during Fashion Week. Inspire students to think like trend analysts who work for fashion forecasting companies, such as the analysts from Fashion Snoops!

Goal: Formulate Visionary Trends for Spring/Summer 2013

Purpose: To train fashion students to identify and validate trends using their analytical and creative skills in a team setting

Scope of assignment:

Students form groups to analyze the current Spring 2012 fashion shows. The groups will review each designer show from the major fashion cities, such as NY, Paris, Milan, and London. From the review, students identify and record common macro trends from each city.
From the list of the macro trends, students define and group their findings into micro trends. The number of micro trends is dependent on the most common findings. Once they present their findings, students will either conclude that they have gathered similar or different trends from other groups.
If the majority find a common trend or trends that they see are relevant to the global market and have selling potential, then as a class, students can create mood boards, with supporting color palettes, flats and fabrics to create a visionary forecast for Spring/Summer 2013.

I hope that this idea will open doors to many other assignments that will allow students to put their creative and analytical skills to the test providing them real world experiences needed in the forecasting industry.

Also, I’m currently working on an upcoming presentation and I am looking for ideas to see how librarians and faculty are integrating forecasting trend services in their classrooms. If librarians can share their trend database-based assignments to help me with my presentation, it would be much appreciated.  You can email me or call me direct at 646-395-3147

Happy Trending!

Cecilia Oliva, Fashion Snoops,


One thought on “Trend Assignment for Fashion Forecasting Students

  1. This is great, Cecilia. One of my fashion design faculty members has already expressed positive comments about your assignment, and has asked me to send it on to the department adjuncts. Our college only recently obtained access to a trend forecasting database, so we could really use more assignment suggestions. Even smaller assignments would be appreciated. If you get any more, or if anyone else is willing to share, I’d be very grateful! Thank you!!!

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