Exhibition: Peter Lindbergh, Frank Philippi and Visionaire

The internationally acclaimed photographer Peter Lindbergh has in part determined the fashion scene during the past 25 years. His melancholy images give a view of the inner essence of supermodels like Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz or Kate Moss. The FoMu presents the series Berlin, which he made for Vogue magazine in 2009, and a selection by Klaus Honnef, from 2010, a unique combination of his world famous images and more recent work.

Frank Philippi was instrumental in putting the post-war photography in Belgium on the map. Philippi’s practice involved the full range of all possible genres in photographic art. He deliberately opted for a pure, aesthetic approach. Fashion, the car, the jukebox and Expo ’58 are themes that often reappear in his work. The FoMu preserves the archives of the recently deceased photographer from the period 1948-1970 and is now presenting a unique retrospective of his multifaceted oeuvre.

The New York magazine Visionaire (from 1991) is leading, decadent, uncompromising and luxurious. A host of international fashion designers, art directors and photographers have collaborated on it. Visionare pushes the boundaries of the ‘magazine’ concept. Its extravagant design and themes make every edition unique. This current exhibition is a collaboration between the FoMu and the MoMu.

Photomuseum Antwerp, Belgium
15.10.11 – 29.01.12


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