What do you need? Value-added EDU resources within trend forecasting services

Since I founded the ARLIS/NA FTC SIG last year, I have been advocating for certain “value-added” educational features within online subscription information resources related to our field.  In particular, I am interested in developments within the major trend forecasting services (TFSs).  While TFSs are primarily commercial in their purpose,  interactions with my fashion faculty and students have convinced me that educational (EDU) subscribers would benefit greatly from the addition of some non-commercial features.

For example, faculty within educational institutions that subscribe to trend forecasting services would make good use of trend forecasting assignment suggestions (beginning to advanced levels), trend forecasting course outlines and syllabi, glossaries, etc.  Students would appreciate outreach events or contests.  (For example, student-focused online webinars, career information, trend/forecasting-focused contests with official awards that could be featured on their resumes, etc.)

My college subscribes to WGSN alone.  Can anyone here tell me if any of the other TFSs offer value-added educational content such as I’ve described?  (Chime in, Cecilia, if you can share on this.)

Does anyone have suggestions regarding what kind of value-added EDU content they’d like to see in TFSs?  I’d greatly appreciate your ideas and opinions!  Thanks!



Author: Sandra Ley

Sandra Ley is the visual arts and fashion design librarian for Pima Community College in Tucson, Arizona.

2 thoughts on “What do you need? Value-added EDU resources within trend forecasting services”

  1. Sandra,
    I’m very glad that you have brought up the important point of value-added EDU resources, as we at Fashion Snoops are already implementing these ideas for our subscribing universities. We are very committed in providing the guidance that faculty are looking for, as well as providing student interactivity with student-focused online webinars, career information, and on-site visits to our NY office. By next month, Fashion Snoops will begin to implement trend/forecasting-focused contests which will be featured in our Youth and Lifestyle areas giving students the opportunity to be in the shoes of a Trend Scout or Trend Analyst representing their universities.

    Please contact me directly if you would like learn more about Fashion Snoops EDU.

    Cecilia Mirella Oliva
    Global Academic Account Executive

    1. This is just the kind of thing our fashion instructors are asking for! (Now if I could only get a few more thousand dollars in my collections budget to afford it!)

      I’d greatly appreciate it if any of you Fashion Snoops users could report back, once you’ve accessed these new features.

      Also, I’d like to know if other trend forecasting services are offering these sorts of value-added features. (I know that, as yet, WGSN does not. But what about the others?)

      Thanks for responding, Cecilia!

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