Stylesight Trend Forecasting database

Hi all,

I’ve just received word from Stylesight that they made significant improvements to their mood board tool, which now allows for additional customization and permits “clipping” and importing images from online.  I’ve also heard that they have some new smartphone apps, but I don’t know what kind.

Does anyone have more news on this, or perhaps experience with the tools?



Author: Sandra Ley

Sandra Ley is the visual arts and fashion design librarian for Pima Community College in Tucson, Arizona.

2 thoughts on “Stylesight Trend Forecasting database”

  1. Thanks, Mary! I’ve got some additional information to share about this. It seems that Stylesight has added a lot of new features lately. Stephanie Stein ( ) at StyleSight shared the following with me:

    “Stylesight is on a roll! We continue to add such amazing new content. The most recent are:
    1) My Storyboards – customizable trendboards with text, images, and tools to make it your own
    2) Over 70,000 images of cool ad campaigns and look books
    3) Styleisght Clip – add images from any website to your folders
    4) Consumer attitude and Lifestyle trends with TrendLinks to the hottest trends
    5) The fastest and best analyzed runway
    6) Live chat support 24/7
    7) More in-depth forecasting and analysis on footwear, accessories, knits, wovens, denim, prints & graphics, materials, and more!
    8) Translation of service in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish
    9) Plus tons of our own blogs
    10) Our first app has officially launched. The Style Traveler iPhone app, which is also compatible with the iPad, uses our acclaimed city guides and maps to give subscribers on-the-go access anywhere in the world!”

    I’m particularly impressed with the app. If any FTC’ers attending the upcoming conference are using it, I’d love to see a demo!

    Sandra Ley / FTC SIG Moderator (

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