Periodic reminder: How to post to the blog

My apologies to those who’ve seen this message a few times already.  I’m repeating it to help our newest members…

How to be a FTC SIG WordPress Blog Contributor:  In order to add content (post) on the blog, you must create a WordPress account.  You may do this by selecting “Register” from the Home/About Page of our blog, or simply go to and fill out the short registration form.  (NOTE:  Despite appearances, you do NOT have to create a blog of your own; simply select the small hyperlink that reads “Sign up for just a username.”)  Once you have a username and password, log in.  You will be given access to a “Dashboard” which offers you the ability to write, edit and publish new posts.

If you don’t care to post, you can opt for an e-mail subscription, which will “push” new blog post notifications to you via e-mail.  You can activate an e-mail subscription via the blog’s home page.

As always, contact me with questions.  Thanks!

Sandra Ley (FTC SIG Moderator) /


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