Update & periodic reminder: How to post to the blog.

The ARLIS/NA FTC SIG has grown a lot in its first year!

For those who are new, welcome! For those who are continuing members, thanks for staying with us and helping us to grow and develop!

Here are some statistics to give you an idea of how far we’ve come since our group was founded one year ago:

To date, the ARLIST/NA FTC SIG Blog has had:
6,234 views (with 112 being the most views on any one day)
96 WordPress.com followers (e-mail alerts only)
33 WordPress.com blog users

We’re grateful for all our members and happy you’re with us. However, there’s still a pretty large disparity between the blog followers (e-mail alerts only) and the blog “users” (e-mail alerts & the ability to post.) It would be great to have more FTC’ers blogging! Just ask if you need to sign up for a login so you can post comments!

The Fashion Librarians’ Resource Guide has been a great success, too:


Thanks to all of you who helped build it, especially our hard-working ARLIS 2012 Conference Workshop Speakers from Postcards from the Edge: Fashion & Textiles. Last year alone, the guide received a whopping 2,188 hits! We’re always interested in receiving more FTC-related information resource suggestions & professional development links to add to the guide, so keep them coming!

For our new members:

Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out a new platform such as WordPress. (I’m still battling with it myself!) If you’re having any troubles or questions, please do contact me directly and I’ll try to help you. For now, the following information will give you more information about using WordPress (our blog platform) and posting to our blog.

There are different levels of interaction with the blog, each offering different levels of access. I’ll share two most common means of interacting with the blog here.

E-Mail Subscription: An e-mail subscription widget is located on the blog’s landing page, and it is the easiest way to start getting FTC SIG notices. You simply enter your e-mail address in the widget, and you will receive e-mail updates of blog postings. However an e-mail subscription does not allow subscribers to add content (i.e. “post”) to the blog.

FTC Blog Contributor: In order to add content (post) on the blog, you must create a WordPress account so that you may login. (The login requirement keeps advertisers and trolls away.) New members should have already received a login invitation. If not, contact me, or … You may get a login by selecting “Register” from the Home/About Page of our blog, or simply go to https://en.wordpress.com/signup/ and fill out the short registration form. (NOTE: Despite appearances, you do NOT have to create a blog of your own; simply select the small hyperlink that reads “Sign up for just a username.”)

Once you have a username and password and are logged in, you will be given access to a “Dashboard” which offers you the ability to write, edit and publish new posts.

I hope that this post clarifies things a bit. I’m still in the process of learning WordPress, too. If anyone out there has WordPress skills, I’d be delighted (grateful, relieved…) to have your assistance!

I’m looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming ARLIS/NA 2012 Conference in Toronto!

Warm regards,

Sandra Ley (ARLIS FTC SIG Moderator)


Author: Sandra Ley

Sandra Ley is the visual arts and fashion design librarian for Pima Community College in Tucson, Arizona.

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