Additions to and omissions in the table of contents of: ‘Textiles: Critical an Primary Sources’

Berg Publishers recently published a  4 volume compilation of 93 articles entitled  ‘Textiles: Critical an Primary Sources’ / Catherine Harper (ed.).  Judging from the title it is intended to be a collection of articles that matter in the textiles subject area’s  History/Curation, Production (including Sustainability), Science and Technology and Identity. Given the versatility of perspectives, approaches, focuses and contexts, it is my opinion that these articles actually do matter.

 Verification showed that 11 articles as announced in the table of contents  on the website of Berg Publishers, did not make it to the final publication. With so many articles involved, a table of contents is paramount for the publication’s accessibility. So i took the liberty to make a corrected version of the table of contents, and to add some missing minor details, as well as a separate list of the 11 omitted articles, since the latter matter too…

NB: i also sent these documents to Berg Publishers to use them at their own discretion.

Fred Goudswaard
librarian AMFI
Amsterdam Fashion Institute


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