Early Thierry Mugler press clippings and reviews

Hello all,

I have a research fellow at the college where I work who is looking for Thierry Mugler Menswear press clippings and catwalk reviews, from his early period (1979-1994) (in French or German is also ok apparently). She has looked through various books in our library and done some basic searches through a selection of print periodicals but I think she’s hoping there’s an easier way to do this- through online searching.

I suggested using Nexis as they have a good amount within this subject area, but she wants images too and all Nexis can offer is text. Normally I would suggest using Firstview for collection images but as they only have from the mid 90s onwards it’s not helpful in this case. I also suggested Design and Applied Arts Index but it had a suprising lack of results (I’m not sure if this is down to their indexing methods or a genuine lack of material in this area).

I’ve given her suggestions of some online periodicals that we have access to, but I think the best info for her will probably be in the print journals that we don’t have online. With this in mind does anyone have any suggestions for titles that might be more useful for this area? I’m suggesting Fashion Weekly, DR: The fashion business, Vogue Hommes International off the top of my head but I’m sure there are more! I have a feeling it will come down to her having to manually go through each volume of various journals on our shelves but it would be great if I could give her a little more direction.

Many thanks for any suggestions!


11 thoughts on “Early Thierry Mugler press clippings and reviews

  1. In cases like this i find books.google.com very helpful. Especially when an unambiguous search term like “Thierry Mugler” is involved. I found bibliographical details of several sources that I thought looked promising and worthwile to go after, for example:

    Ebony Issue September (1981)
    Men’s Wear (1979)

    Contemporary Fashion (1995) ISBN 1558621733
    =book with a bibliography of more than 16 articles 1985-1995 on Thierry M.!

    You might find the original sources in your own collection or through WorldCat…

    • Wow, I can’t wait to see the digitised collection- the staff and students at CSM will love it! Thanks.

  2. I searched the Retrospectives of Art Index, Readers Guide, and Humanities & Social Sciences Index and found nothing on a search of his name. Try the Historical New York Times, 1851-2006, which has articles back on him to 1977. Also, try the Vogue Archive, 1892-present. Washington State University doesn’t have it available yet, but we have ordered it. Yea!

    • Thanks Mary,

      We get access to the NY Times through Nexis, which doesn’t have images, but they hold the print copies in the British Library so I could refer her there if she does need the accompanying pictures. Luckily we already subscribe to the new US Vogue archive, but it’s too Womenswear focused for what she needs. Still, it is an amazing resource though, and we all have our fingers crossed that they’ll do the same for UK and French Vogue!

  3. Daily News Record covered the Paris shows on a regular basis, but online indexing has its drawbacks — namely, the earliest references I could find in General OneFile only date from 1994, and it is text-only. She would have to hunt down actual issues on microfilm.

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