Archive Access for Vogue Magazine Subscribers

‘allo ‘allo,

Our library has currently no subscription to the paper edition of Vogue US. One of the incentives to subscribe would be to have (limited) access to the Vogue Archive.
i assume that this (limited) access also works for institutional subscribers.

If that is so, my question to you would be: how do you organize this access, since you cannot give away the user-id/login?


3 thoughts on “Archive Access for Vogue Magazine Subscribers”

  1. Hi there,

    I am a art student and am writing a thesis about fashion of the last 20 years. I would like to use the Vogue Archive but does not know how it works or which libraries are offering access for students. Also I would like to know if you can do this using your own PC. I saw that the fee for accessing this is over a 3000$ per year 😦

    Please help me,

    many thanks!


  2. Hi Fred,

    We have full access to the Vogue US archive here but we do have a few other e-resources that have very limited access like Materio and Firstview (both of these require that we do not give out the username and password to any user). For these we have a handful of nominated staff who hold the logins- students and staff have to come to us to ask to be logged in manually.

    This has to be done on a laptop they have brought in with them as we currently have no open access computers in the library, however in the past (when we did have computers) we had a fixed IP address arrangement with Firstview that enabled us to have it accessible on one nominated PC only. This meant we didn’t have to deal with logging people in at all but also protected the login information. I’m not familiar with the restricted Vogue access arrangements so don’t know if that’s helpful in your case?

    1. Hi Alex,

      Thou surely art a fast typist! Consequently i took your mentionning Materio for a typing error, until i found out that is not the only website about innovative materials… So: yes, your comment is helpful.


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