Where Fashion Meets Technology

I just discovered there is a Meetup.com group entitled FASHION+TECH which has chapters in New York and San Francisco.

From their bio: “Our mission is to create educational, social and business opportunities for the fashion and technology industries.”

While it appears to be more entrepreneurial-oriented than the academic environments most of us occupy, I still thought it might garner some interest here in ARLISFTC.

After all, with digitization on the rise (cf. last year’s release of the Berg Fashion Library), we are indisputably invested in both worlds. Which is really pretty exciting!

One thought on “Where Fashion Meets Technology

  1. Sounds like an interesting group! I think this topic IS pertinent for us, at a minimum, as an area of collection development. Also, I’ve found that while some newly-graduated fashion students don’t yet have enough experience for entry level jobs in the fashion industry, they ARE seriously considered for positions in social media marketing IF they can demonstrate skill, experience, and enthusiasm – which they often have from using lots of social media in their personal lives. (Some interesting, on-topic articles from reliable sources are linked from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_media_in_the_fashion_industry.) (Didn’t Fashion Snoops organize a social media trade conference last year – Fashion 140?)

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