Information Request: Emilio Pucci and Giò Ponti

Our colleague from Italy, Annamaria Poma Swank, has asked me to post this message to you all…


Dear friends and colleagues,

I have been appointed guest curator at the Georgia Museum of Art to develop and curate two exhibitions:

Emilio Pucci – early career (opening in 2014), and,

Giò Ponti, architect of style (opening 2015).

I would appreciate very much any information you might have on public and private collectors of items by these outstanding designers.

Please let me know at this address:

Best regards,
Annamaria Poma Swank

FIDM 6th Annual “Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design” Exhibition

“In its sixth year, this annual exhibition salutes the work of 2012’s Primetime Emmy® – Nominated Costume Designers and Costume Supervisors. Including over 75 costumes from a variety of television genres, this year’s exhibition will be guest curated by Mary Rose, costume designer and current president of the Costume Designers Guild. Featured television shows include Boardwalk Empire, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Once Upon a Time, Pan Am, Smash, Magic City, and many more. ”

From July 31- Oct 20, 2012
Free Admission

Must see at The Met–Schiaparelli and Prada

I don’t know how this one escaped my notice, but it’s only open for two more weeks! See it while you can.

Here’s a preview

I don’t know how this one escaped my notice, but it’s only open for two more weeks! See it while you can.

Here’s a preview

“Furry” trend… And fashion styles / style tribes list

Hi all,

For those who expressed interest, I’m still adding to the fashion styles / style tribes list.  I promise to post it when it’s ready.

On a semi-related topic…

“Furry” is another fashion subculture that I’d forgotten to include in my original list.  It’s been around for sometime, though the first time I’d seen it was in the online virtual world, Second Life, with avatars who self-identified and dressed as a “furry” or neko (cat-specific.)  With the tiniest bit of research, I sense that there are multiple style tribes related to this trend.  Does anyone know anything about this?  WGSN is our only trend forecasting database, but I didn’t find much there.

I think the most benign version of this trend has perhaps run its course.  (Hot Topics has apparently made a mint selling mall kids furry tails to pin to their trousers as a fashion statement.  Some kids also wear furry ears fixed to a headband,  furry earmuffs and paw mittens.)

The trend, in some cases, was apparently related to werewolves and the Twilight series, but other teens have been seen wearing foxtails and racoon tails.  (I don’t know what that’s all about.)  I’m guessing the furries with feline characteristics (mostly girls, I think) are more into the Japanese anime/manga/ cosplay side of this trend.

Please let me know if you know anything more about this trend, or related style tribes.  I’ll update my list accordingly.  Thanks!

Sandra (FTC SIG Moderator)