FTC information resource vendor postings: A new blog page?

How would you all feel if we TESTED a new FTC SIG blog page where fashion/costume/textile information resource vendors could post updates or even advertisements?


We all want to know about new resources and new services in our areas, and this might be an easy, one-stop-shopping location.

For example, I just got an e-mail from trend forecasting service Fashion Snoops with some great news for their academic clients. It’s of interest to us all. So, why not post?

I’ve wanted to avoid spamming and ads on our blog, but there must be some happy medium. What do you all think? What would we call the page? What rules or limits would we establish, if any, to keep your blog updates at a reasonable size? FTC SIG Members AND vendors are free to respond with their thoughts and ideas!

Sandra Ley
FTC SIG Moderator

Author: Sandra

Sandra is a fashion and visual arts librarian, and lifestyle blogger at wildersouthwest.com.

2 thoughts on “FTC information resource vendor postings: A new blog page?”

  1. I think this could be valuable information, but it would be good to keep it separate from the main blog, and also to allow for posting positive and negative reviews by other members of the community who have used the various resources.

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