Trend Forecasting Services – Mood Board Features

I’ve been getting lots of feedback from our fashion design students regarding mood board features within our trend forecasting service.

I realize that trend forecasting services are primarily commercial (not academic) resources, but our students don’t care. Most of them are young and accustomed to using free online creative tools such as Pinterest, Polyvore, and Glogster. Students’ experiences with these tools build within them high expectations for creating mood boards. (They want lots of options for using background wallpaper or colors, multiple fonts in color, framing images with multiple style frames, color highlighting, importing & manipulating photos from the WWW, adding signage, etc.)

As a result, our students frequently report that they feel a bit disappointed with the creative options within our trend forecasting service’s mood board creative tools.

QUESTION: Have any of you been receiving similar feedback from your students? What features do they feel are lacking?

Any and all feedback will be appreciated, and visible to our trend forecasting service vendor subscribers.


Sandra Ley


2 thoughts on “Trend Forecasting Services – Mood Board Features

  1. Our WGSN vendor shared this reminder with me. They’ve created an applet that allows WGSN users to upload WWW images into WGSN for “Collections” and mood boards. I tried it out and it works great. You can also use it to create background “wallpaper” for moodboards in WGSN.

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