Rock The Cradle!

In yesterday’s post Fashion & Technology, posted by Sley, i found the following intriguing passages:

“Technologies outside of the fashion industry also contribute to change within it.

“The goal of this exhibition is to analyze the impact of technologies on the nature of fashion and its design, and to question whether these developments push the industry forward or ultimately set it back.”


Although this is apparently not what this, by all means interesting, exhibition is about, i am tempted to read the first statement conversely, i.e.

Technologies inside the fashion industry contribute to the change outside it.

If the industry (fashion or non-fashion) would embrace the Cradle to Cradle Design principle there would be no doubt that it would help change and save both: the industry as well as the ..ehm… planet.

Therefore I would recommend to buy a copy of Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things by Michael Braungart William McDonough, and to put it on the shelf marked compulsory reading, if you have not done so as yet. Because guess who is at the cradle: the designer…

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