New FTC Blog Banner Courtesy of Bloomsbury Fashion Photography Archive!

The generous people at Berg Fashion Library have provided several images from their new Bloomsbury Fashion Photography Archive for the FTC SIG Blog banner!  We are so very grateful!  Thank you, Berg!!!

Our fall banner image captures the A/W 99/00 Yohji Yamamoto Collection:

Yohji Yamamoto, A/W 99/00. Photograph by Niall McInerney, Bloomsbury Fashion Photography Archive

Bloomsbury Publishing acquired fashion photographer Niall McInerney’s image archive, to launch as the Fashion Photography Archive in 2013. Featuring over 600,000 high-quality images dating from the 1970s until 2000, as well as an extensive range of street style images taken over this period, this international archive documents key changes over a vibrant period in fashion history and will work alongside the Berg Fashion Library.  More information about this resource will be released later in 2012.

Until then…  Enjoy our fabulous new banner!

Sandra Ley


Author: Sandra

Sandra is a fashion and visual arts librarian, and lifestyle blogger at

4 thoughts on “New FTC Blog Banner Courtesy of Bloomsbury Fashion Photography Archive!”

    1. Thanks! The Berg photo really makes the page. I wish my WordPress skills were better – there’s lots more I’d love to do with the blog. Still, the free resources available in WordPress allow even newbies to create fairly nice websites, so I can’t complain! 🙂

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