LIM Conference Feedback – Fashion: Now & Then

Last week, the LIM College in NYC hosted a truly amazing two-day conference called “Fashion:  Now & Then” in which participants discussed the past, present, and future uses of fashion information.

I attended this conference, which I understand will be an annual event, and wanted to provide feedback for all those who may consider it in the future.

The event was located in the lovely mid-town Manhattan LIM townhouse.  It was very well organized and ran smoothly.  The two days were packed with a long succession of presentations by top-notch speakers from academic institutions, museums, and the fashion industry.  It was both fun and highly educational, as well as an unmatched networking opportunity.

And having Sunday off for shopping and museums in NYC was a huge plus!

I can very highly recommend this event for the future.

Lastly, I want to offer my sincerest congratulations for the event organizer, our own Lisa Ryan.  Great, great job, Lisa!!!  I’ll definitely be there next year!

Sandra Ley (FTC SIG Moderator)

Author: Sandra

Sandra is a fashion and visual arts librarian, and lifestyle blogger at

5 thoughts on “LIM Conference Feedback – Fashion: Now & Then”

  1. What a brilliant opportunity! I wish we had something comparable in the UK. As Fred said it would be great to get hold of any papers or media material.

  2. As a presenter, I want to echo Sandra’s remarks. Lisa and the LIM staff did a remarkable job organizing this symposium and bringing in presenters from around the world. Fashion: Now & Then is definitely going on my calendar for next year.

  3. Do you know whether or not the papers underlying the presentations will be published? Or maybe the presentations have been registered by video?

    1. Fred, Lisa Ryan at LIM will be the one to ask about conference proceedings, papers and videos. However, I suspect that she is currently dealing with the fallout of hurricane Sandy. I’ll wait until power is restored to all of Manhattan and then try to contact her again.

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