Modern Marketing in Disguise (download)

Modern Marketing in Disguise (download)

This unconventional PhD thesis, written by AMFI’s fashion marketing  lecturer Marco Mossinkoff, reconsiders the role that marketing plays in the creation of a strong value connection between a brand and its consumers, at the juncture of marketing allegedly being in crisis…


‘Glue value’ of Diesel jeans a.o.

The author identifies different  types of ‘value connection’ between companies and consumers, expressed in terms of more or less ‘glue value’, defined on the basis of sociological an cultural attractiveness. Subsequently he analyses 4 brands, i.e. Diesel (jeans), Innocent Smoothies (fruit drink), the mini (automobile) and the MINI (automobile). Methodologically based on ‘grounded theory’, the ‘valuation process’ is analysed (expressed in terms of more or less company/consumer initiative), set out on a sliding scale between ‘hypermodern marketing’ on one side and ‘postmodern marketing’ on the other (‘HyPo-scale’).


Hypermodern vs postmodern?

Where hypermodern stands for one sided company activity (manipulation; company in control; passive consumer), and the postmodern approach stands for one sided consumer activity (laisser faire; passive company; consumer in control), this unconventional research allows for at least 2 conclusions:

  1. Most marketing advocated as postmodern is actually hypermodern marketing in disguise;
  2. Whether companies think up closed, open (or half) strategic marketing concepts, it is as plain as the nose of your face: long live diversity!

And in this sense: i wish you an equally diversified festive season!

Fred Goudswaard
librarian AMFI – Amsterdam Fashion Institute

Download Modern Marketing in Disguise  full-text (public)

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