Viviane Sassen : In and Out of Fashion (book, interviews, exhibition)

“Even though fashion is obviously very commercial, it’s important to have a voice.” 
Olivia Gideon Thomson, in: Interview Part 2 (see below)

i would like to draw your attention to an exhibition with selected works of the Dutch (fashion) photographer Viviane Sassen.

:  Viviane Sassen : In and Out of Fashion
Where       :   Huis Marseille, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Start date :   December 15, 2012
End date   :  March 17, 2013

For those who cannot come to Amsterdam to see the exhibition there is no reason to despair:

  • visit Viviane Sassen’s website.
  • read what the fashion world has to say about Viviane Sassen:


The fashion world on Viviane Sassen:
Part 1 / Interview with model Anna de Rijk.
Part 2 / Interview with Olivia Gideon Thomson, Viviane Sassen’s agent and founder of We-Folk.
Part 3 / Conversation with Carven designer Guillaume Henry, for whom Viviane Sassen shoots campaigns.
Part 4  / Conversation with Vanessa Reid, stylist, fashion editor and fashion director at Pop Magazine.
Part 5 / Interview with Emmeline de Mooij, artist and stylist, with whom Viviane Sassen made a series for Purple, Dazed & Confused and KUTT.
Part 6 / Conversation with Jonathan Schofield, artistic director at Stella McCartney.
Part 7 / Conversation with Roxane Danset, stylist and muse.

  • or: you could purchase the exhibition catalogue, published by Prestel.

Best regards,

Fred Goudswaard
librarian AMFI
(Amsterdam Fashion Institute)

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