ARLIS/NA Conference – FTC SIG Dinner?

Greetings FTC’ers!

I’m greatly looking forward to meeting many of you at the Conference in Pasadena!

While the Conference schedule is tightly packed, a special dinner out just for FTC SIG members would allow us to get to know each other a little better.

Why don’t we decide on an evening so I can reserve a restaurant in advance?

Option #1:  Friday at 8:00 pm (after the Autry National Center for the American West Welcome event) or Saturday at 8:00 pm (after the Pasadena Museum of Art event)?

Option #2:  Restaurants  (Mexican, casual)

or (Mexican)

or  (American, casual)

Please contact me directly or respond to this message.  If you’re available both nights and up for anything, there’s no need to respond.  Just keep an eye on blog posts for an update, or go to the Conference’s cental bulletin board to discover what evening and restaurant we’ve chosen.

As always, contact me if you have any questions!

I hope to see you soon!  🙂

Sandra Ley  (FTC SIG Founder & Moderator)


2 thoughts on “ARLIS/NA Conference – FTC SIG Dinner?

  1. 😀 Thanks for the flexibility, Fred!

    Everyone may notice that I eliminated one restaurant from our list (it wasn’t going to be open late enough) and added another (El Portal) on the advice of super-SIG member and L.A. Fashion District tour guide, Justine Parish. (Thanks, Justine!!!) From her comments on the margaritas, I’m leaning toward El Portal. 😉 But keep your suggestions and comments coming — either to me directly or via the blog!

  2. Hi Sandra,

    i am a Meek Follower as far as choices of Restaurants & Points in Time are concerned…

    Frd ________________________________________

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