Hi everyone,At Sandra’s request, here is a list

Hi everyone,
At Sandra’s request, here is a list of the fashion book reviews I’ve written for Library Journal. I have one more already in the pipeline, on sustainable fashion. You may be able to access these via Book Review Index Online if you don’t have a subscription to Library Journal, and some actually come up in Google because B&N and others have reprinted the reviews.

Review of Madame Gres: Sculptural Fashion, by Olivier Saillard. Library Journal 138: April (2013): 79.

Review of The Truth About Style, by Stacy London. Library Journal 137: October (2012): 76.

Review of Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible: The Fascinating History of Everything in Your Closet, by Tim Gunn. Library Journal 137: August (2012): 91.

Review of Beaton in Vogue, by Josephine Ross. Library Journal 137: May (2012): 77.

Review of Chanel: The Vocabulary of Style, by Jérôme Gautier. Library Journal: December (2011): 120.

Hope these are useful–
Lindsay King


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