Bloomsbury Fashion Photography Archive – New FTC SIG Blog Header

The Bloomsbury Fashion Photography Archive has graciously agreed to provide our FTC SIG with blog header images.  (And isn’t this one striking?)  Thank you very much, Bloomsbury!

For those who are interested in gaining access to this marvelous resource, you’ll have to wait a bit, as it’s not available just yet.  (We’re lucky to get a preview!)  Here are the details…

“Bloomsbury Publishing Plc is pleased to announce the acquisition of fashion photographer Niall McInerney’s image archive, to launch as the Bloomsbury Fashion Photography Archive. Featuring over 600,000 high-quality images dating from the 1970s until 2000, as well as an extensive range of street style images taken over this period, this international archive documents key changes over a vibrant period in fashion history.  More information about this resource will be released later in 2013.  If you would like to register your interest in this resource, please e-mail The Fashion Photography Archive at Bloomsbury.”

Sandra Ley (FTC SIG Moderator) /

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