La Fondazione LISIO: Arte della Seta

“The mission of the Fondazione Arte della Seta LISIO is to renew and handon the finest and oldest techniques for hand-weaving silks and precious metals.

Hand-painted textile design "Mediceo."  Archive image from the Fondazione Lisio.

Hand-painted textile design “Mediceo.” Archive image from the Fondazione Lisio.

“Some of the textiles designed and woven in the Foundation’s workshops take their inspiration from traditional designs, others are absolutely original.
Weaving is carried out entirely by hand, using silk and gold and silver thread but also new materials developed with the aid of the most advanced technological research.  The Fondazione LISIO also promotes knowledge of the art of weaving, both ancient and contemporary, through specialist courses and publications. Finally, the Foundation’s premises in the hills surrounding the historic city of Florence house a specialist Library, the Archives and a Collection of Ancient Textiles. Not far away are a number of mini-apartments that can accommodate course participants, scholars and others associated with the Foundation.”

The Fondazione LISIO has a specialised library with books and other materials concerning weaving techniques, historical studies of antique textiles, embroidery, lace, clothing and fashion, tapestry and carpets; there is also a section devoted to books on art, interior furnishings and contemporary fiber art.”


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