The Pathé Fashion Archive


This is a very nice and very shareable collection of (very short) film footage of fashion related items from the British Pathé archives. Of the 76 films that have been uploaded until now, the oldest dates back to the 1890s and the newest was made in 1970. Closer inspection reveals an emphasis 1950s and 1960s footage.

PatheFashionArchive_03Some examples:
1890s Fashion Footage
1920s How to Make a Handbag
1930s: A 1939 Conjecture of Fashion in The Year 2000
1940s How To Tie a Turban
1950s Nylon Vs. Cashmere
1960s Space Age Hair Fashion

See all at 
The Pathé Fashion Archive.

Fred Goudswaard
librarian AMFI – Amsterdam Fashion Institute


3 thoughts on “The Pathé Fashion Archive

    • Hi Camara, Thanks for re-blogging one of our Fashion, Textile & Costume Librarian Special Interest Group posts! I enjoyed viewing your website. Under your “resources” section, if you would find it helpful, you may link to our Fashion Librarians’ Resource Guide: While it’s primary use is for fashion librarians building library collections, there are also many free information resources located on the WWW. (See the “Reference Resources” tab for a text box containing free Reference Resources online, the Trend Forecasting tab for free trend information online, and, of course everything on the Websites tab. The Images and RSS/Social Media tab may also be of interest.) Best, Sandra (

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