Become Wikipedia’s Best Fashion Editor!

Photo: Christin and Monica Ho, Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0
Photo: Christin and Monica Ho, Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0

From 12 November until 12 December, Europeana Fashion hosts the online Europeana Fashion Challenge on Wikipedia. During this month-long challenge, participants are invited to edit articles related to fashion on Wikipedia and have a chance to win some great prizes.

The challenge welcomes both new and experienced writers to create, edit or improve as many fashion related articles on Wikipedia as possible. As a source of inspiration and to enrich the articles with illustrations, writers can use contemporary and historical fashion images and videos from the collections of Europeana Fashion partners on Wikimedia Commons.

Participants receive points for creating new articles and expanding existing articles that contain one or more Europeana Fashion images. The most studious participants have a chance to win fashion books made available by Europeana Fashion partners.

To kick off the challenge, three fashion edit-a-thons are held around Europe: in Sweden, Italy and Israel. During these events, attendees are taught how to edit on Wikipedia. However, attendance of one of these edit-a-thons is not required for participants of the online challenge. Anyone can enter the challenge by signing up and editing from wherever they are.

The Europeana Fashion challenge is organised by Europeana Fashion, Europeana Awareness, Wikimedia Sweden, Wikimedia Italy and Wikimedia Israel.

Sign up for the Europeana Fashion Challenge
Learn how to edit on Wikipedia

More information about the edit-a-thons:
12 November – Stockholm – at Nordiska Museet (in English)
14 November – Padova – at Museo Rossimoda della Calzatura (in Italian)
20 November – Tel Aviv – at the Design Faculty of the Holon Institute of Technology (in Hebrew)

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Gabrielle de Pooter
Communication Advisor Online Media Europeana Fashion Project
At MoMu Fashion Museum Province of Antwerp
phone: +32 3 470 27 79 | skype: gabrielle_lucille | | |

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