News: Recent “Fashion in Libraries” Conference. Treviso, Italy


You may have noticed the recent e-mail on the ARLIS-L alerting us about the “Fashion in Libraries” conference being held in Treviso, Italy on July 4, 2014.  Unfortunately, the  notice came with just one day’s advance notice, far too late for any of us to attend.  (I’ve included a copy of that notice in the text below.)

I plan on reaching out to the individuals associated with this conference and inviting them to join us via the FTC SIG blog.  Hopefully, we can build some interesting international relationships.  If anyone is particularly interested in getting involved in any way, please let me know!

Sandra Ley (Founder & Past Moderator, FTC SIG) /

Original post from the ARLIS-L:


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Fashion Librarians, hurry up and buy your tickets…
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Subject: CONF: Fashion in Libraries (Treviso, 4 Jul 14)From: Alessandra Vaccari <>
Date: Jul 3, 2014
Subject: CONF: Fashion in Libraries (Treviso, 4 Jul 14)

Santa Caterina Museum, Auditorium, Treviso, Italia, July 04, 2014

Fashion in Libraries:
Collecting Materials and Documenting Stories

Symposium on the occasion of

Fashion in Libraries: Collecting Materials and Documenting Stories,
promoted and organized by MISA Associazione Italiana degli Studi di Moda
(Italian Association for Fashion Studies), deals with the issue of
fashion libraries for the first time in Italy. The symposium brings
together librarians, academics and practitioners with the aim to share
ideas, encourage interdisciplinary discussion and promote collaborative

The first panel focuses upon fashion libraries’ best practice in the
context of fashion museums, academic institutions and the fashion
industries. The following panels are round-table discussions that
question the issues of networking and visual specificity of fashion
libraries, as a first step towards a better inter-library integration
and cooperation. Networking Issues, the first round-table, stems from
the consideration that we all come from different institutions, possibly
with different missions, but we are all concerned with questions and
issues related to fashion. All of our institutions undertake a series of
projects and activities dealing with fashion/fashion studies etc. What
is the cost, in terms of duplicated effort, of not being aware of what
others are doing? For example, would it be useful to know when other
libraries/museums etc. plan to acquire an historical journal or to fill
gaps in their collections? If we only have funds for one historical
journal, but have to decide between two titles, would it help if we knew
what other libraries had purchased? Do we think it might be useful to
build a network? Can MISA help us to create such a network, if we wish
to do so?

Addressing the Iconauts, the second round-table, focuses upon the
peculiarities of fashion libraries with respect to the materiality and
immateriality of the publishing industry, on the one hand, and a new
type of end user, on the other. It poses the question: do fashion
libraries have the right means and tools to face the epochal
transformations in bibliographic and iconographic documents? The initial
hypothesis is that the practice of “iconauts” – typical of iconographic
material users who are specifically interested in the construction of
visual discourses and projects – generates new patterns of behaviour in
fashion library users and, more broadly, in visual culture library
users. What are the use mechanisms of iconographic databases and
bibliographic materials? How do they affect the use of library spaces
and what new issues do they create? On which themes should we focus in
order to reach a better level of coordination amongst ourselves, be able
to share common goals, and manage to deal more effectively with the
changes underway?


Welcome Note and Introduction
Maria Luisa Frisa, President of MISA and Professor, IUAV University of

Fashion Libraries: Best Practice in the Context of Fashion Museums,
Academic Institutions and the Fashion Industries

Documenting Fashion: the Case of the Library of MoMu Antwerp
Dieter Suls, Scientific Librarian, MoMu Fashion Museum Antwerp

Dress and Fashion Culture: the Lipperheide Costume Library in Berlin
Adelheid Rasche, Curator of Lipperheide Costume, Art Library, State
Museums Berlin

Fashion in the Broader Context of the CSAC Collections
Gloria Bianchino, Lecturer and Senior Researcher, Parma University

Max Mara Fashion Library
Laura Lusuardi, Fashion Coordinator, Max Mara Group
Federica Fornaciari, Curator of BAI Max Mara Company Archive and Library

Q&A Session
moderated by Alessandra Vaccari, Associate Professor, University IUAV of

Networking Issues / Round-table Discussion 1
moderated by Alessandra Citti, Library Director, Central Library, Rimini
Campus University of Bologna

Coffee Break

Round-table Discussion 2 / Addressing the Iconauts
moderated by Mario Lupano, Full Professor and Library representative,
IUAV University of Venice

Q&A Session
moderated by Bruna Niccoli, MISA Steering committee member and Lecturer,
University of Pisa

Closing Remarks and Conclusions
Paola Colaiacomo, MISA Steering committee member and Full Professor,
IUAV University of Venice

Round-Table Discussions Attendees (in alphabetical order)
Diana Barbetta, Biblioteca della Moda, Milan
Elisabetta Borina and Alessandra Fiore, Mede Libreria della Moda e del
Alessandra Citti, Central Library, Rimini Campus University of Bologna
Daniela Degl’Innocenti, Library Prato Textile Museum
Bonizza Giordani Aragno, Library Accademia Costume & Moda, Rome
Mario Lupano, IUAV University of Venice
Laura Lusuardi and Federica Fornaciari, BAI Max Mara Company Archive and
Nicoletta Melito, Fabrica Library
Adelheid Rasche, Lipperheide Costume Berlin, Art Library, State Museums
Chiara Squarcina and Federica Centulani, Palazzo Mocenigo Library, Study
Centre for the History of Textiles and Costume
Dieter Suls, Library MoMu Fashion Museum Antwerp
Anna Tonicello, University Library System, IUAV University of Venice

Symposium Technical Program Chair
Alessandra Vaccari
IUAV University of Venice

Practical Info
Valentina Meneghello
MISA Associazione Italiana degli Studi di Moda
+39 3333587450

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CONF: Fashion in Libraries (Treviso, 4 Jul 14). In: H-ArtHist, Jul 3,
2014. <>.


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2 thoughts on “News: Recent “Fashion in Libraries” Conference. Treviso, Italy

  1. I would have LOVED to know about this earlier…it’s hard to stay on top of all the relevant events happening around the world. Also, I wanted to share the below article with you…it’s about a project/course I teach and am involved with:

    Would love it if you blogged about it! thanks:) Jen

    • Jennifer – I wish *I* could take this course! It sounds fascinating. So far as blogging on it – yes! Do you have a WordPress password and ID? Do you need an invitation to join the FTC SIG blog? If so, let me know and I’ll set you up so you can post. An abbreviated form of this article, with images, would be perfect – with a link out to the full article. Also, as your course progresses, if you and your students discover any particular research / library issues you’d like to share that might benefit us all, PLEASE post again. Perhaps we’ll all learn something! Thanks so much for commenting! Sandra (

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