Citation question from WWD Archive

Greetings!  I’d like to ask a favor from anyone who has a subscription to the WWD Archive…

Kindly confirm the page number(s) for the following article which I accessed from Business Source Premier database:

“Memory Lane.” Women’s Wear Daily 199, no. 12 (19 January 2010): 12–1.

(Note the page numbers are given as p.12-1.)

I believe the article is actually on page 12.  (I don’t know what the “-1” is for, but it appears in the Business Source Premier automatic citation.)

I’ll be very grateful for help as it’s for a Berg Fashion Library article I’ve written which is due to be uploaded in the next update.  Thanks very much!

Sandra (



3 thoughts on “Citation question from WWD Archive

  1. Sandra,
    Here’s the citation from WWD online:
    Memory Lane
    WWD199.12 (Jan 19, 2010): 12-17.
    I looked at the article and confirmed that it ends on page 17.

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