Proposed job exchange

Hi everyone,

For those of you that don’t know me (as I haven’t posted on here for a little while), I work as the subject librarian responsible for the fashion and textiles courses and collections at Central Saint Martins ( At the moment I’m putting the feelers out to see if any librarians with vaguely similar jobs in the US would be interested in a job exchange. It’s been a few years since something like this has happened (for understandable reasons) but I think there’s a real precedent for it. Apart from the obvious benefits of knowledge sharing and new experiences it would be a great way to strengthen links between ARLIS/NA and ARLIS/UK (I am an active member of ARLIS/UK) and to promote the idea of an international community of art librarians.

As a subject librarian I manage and spend the budgets for the fashion and textiles collections, and deliver occasional information literacy sessions to students (more often in the Autumn term but any kind of exchange would need to take place from Spring term onwards), and attend course/department meetings with academics and students. I also have a functional role in collection development, so I oversee and take part in various collections projects (including working with the special collections here). Aside from the college’s international reputation, particularly within fashion education but across many subject areas within art education, there are many things that make working here amazing; not least my wonderful library colleagues! Here’s a link to a Q&A online where I give a few more details about working at CSM Library:—assistant-academic-support-librarian/

I’m particularly interested in schools in San Francisco and New York, given their reputation for fashion/arts education, but very much open to discussion so please contact me if you’re interested, wherever you’re based in the US. I would like it to be at least a six month exchange (beginning around January/February 2015), but again I’m open to alternatives.

Finally, if you’re willing and a member of ARLIS/NA might you be able to do me a big favour and re-post this on their email list? I would like to canvas opinion from a wide pool of art librarians if possible. Many thanks!


Author: alexandraduncan

Fashion and Textiles Librarian at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design.

2 thoughts on “Proposed job exchange”

  1. Hello Alex. This is an wonderful opportunity! Thank you for sharing it with the FTC SIG. I particularly enjoyed reading about your background and work day description. I understand that you’d prefer to find an opportunity in NY or San Francisco. I’d like to recommend that you open your search to the CFDA schools, which you can find at the bottom of this page: In particular, OTIS in L.A. and the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) would provide very worthwhile professional experiences, and both locales should be very interesting for you. Best of luck!

    1. Hi Sandra,
      Thank you, that’s really helpful! I’m definitely happy to think about other locations so will go through that list and contact the institutions on there.

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