New Fashion Information Resource: The University of Fashion

The University of Fashion



The University of Fashion is the brainchild of Francesca Sterlacci, a New York fashion designer, educator and author. Her mission is to preserve the art and craft of fashion design by bringing together the best fashion industry professionals to create lessons that inspire and educate students, teachers, home sewers and the fashion curious.

Each University of Fashion video is carefully crafted to provide the viewer with a clear, step-by-step lesson in all the key design disciplines, including draping, patternmaking, sewing, fashion art and product development.

By marrying the latest Internet technology with leading edge fashion education, the University of Fashion has filled a void in the world of online fashion education.

In additional to our how-to videos, the University of Fashion offers lectures on industry relevant topics and takes the viewer on location to key industry events and places.

Colleges around the country are currently using the University of Fashion to:

  • Strengthen existing curriculum with expert tutorials in major fashion subjects
  • Assist instructors with lesson plans
  • Reinforce teaching skills and methods
  • Inspire instructors to teach new subjects and methods
  • Provide fashion industry-based knowledge & techniques
  • Improve student retention rates by giving students access to supplemental learning and on-demand tutoring
  • Save the expense of tutoring as students utilize U of F on-demand videos for their projects
  • Stay current with fashion trends, technology and the pulse of the fashion industry

For a limited time only, the University of Fashion is offering schools a free six-month free trial. To sign up, visit

University of Fashion YouTube Channel:  Video Selection

Myrna Dorfman, University of Fashion Education Consultant

(541) 868-5811


5 thoughts on “New Fashion Information Resource: The University of Fashion

  1. Hi Alexandra, I wanted to jump in here to offer you (and all college libraries) the opportunity to take advantage of the free trial to the University of Fashion. As a fashion designer and former educator at FIT and AAU, I created this site for faculty and students as a fashion education supplement and to help keep the art & craft of fashion design alive. Our lessons are taught by fashion college instructors and fashion industry pros which for some might be controversial but in the end, it’s about teachers and pros sharing their knowledge and expertise. I invite CSM to try us out and watch the numbers grow as they have at FIT and Parsons and, with the new term, at all of the other schools. Having spent 20 years as an instructor in the classroom (and 15 years as a designer in the industry) I can tell you that I wish I had this resource for my students.

  2. What Francesca has created is nothing less that the ultimate support for students in any design program–too often my students at Parsons complain that they need to review the work they are learning in draping and patternmaking after their classes–that they didnt get it the first time or not to the level they want–these video’s provide support and guide them through the process in their time so they are learning techniques correctly, rather than redoing mistakes or just walking away in frustration. We teach a global student body, which often means that if foreign students don’t understand the fast moving pace of these classes they miss out. Through these video’s Prof Sterlacci has given them the ideal ‘go to’ resource. I think it is a valuable resource for all fashion design programs. Add to this that Francesca is an industry professional and a professor–in both cases who ‘gets it’. She understands learning and the material to be learned-what could be better! I highly recommend University of Fashion.

  3. “Some” use? I wonder if I’d be prying if I asked for how many weeks you’ve been subscribing and what your user stats look like? (Going up each week? Evidence that the resource will be well used over time? Etc.) If you can’t share this information, I’ll understand. Thanks either way!

  4. Hi Alexandra, I posed your question to Francesca Sterlacci, the Founder and CEO of The University of Fashion. Here’s her response:
    “The University of Fashion launched last July 4, 2013 and we only started rolling out the free trials to colleges as of the 2014 Spring Academic semester. FIT was our first school. Their students and teachers have been using the site with a total of approximately 1500 users to date. Later in the Spring semester, we launched at Parsons, Columbia College Chicago, Oregon State University, Academy of Art University and Brooklyn College. We are looking forward to seeing the number of users grow this Fall once it is formally announced and promoted.”
    I hope this helps!

  5. Thanks for this. Is anyone on here already using this at their institutions? I think the pattern making tutorials would be particularly beneficial for Central Saint Martins students as I know they’re never able to get the number of pattern making hours they want in the course timetable…

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