New Journal – Luxury: History, Culture, Consumption

luxuryNew JournalLuxury: History, Culture, Consumption

Frequency: 1 issue in 2014 (September) Type: Journal

ISSN: 2051-1817 / Online ISSN: 2051-1825
Publisher:  Bloomsbury Publishing
AboutLuxury: History, Culture, Consumption will be the first truly interdisciplinary, academic journal devoted to luxury, and will satisfy the demand for scholarly, unbiased and penetrating thinking on the subject. The journal will consider luxury in broad socio-cultural contexts, exploring and interrogating both our historical and contemporary understanding of the term.

Within the context of the contemporary global economic recession, our consumption of luxury is being questioned and indeed transformed, with notions of ‘affordable luxury’, ‘sustainable luxury’ and even ‘luxury for less’ suggesting a new discourse.  At the same time, the demand for luxury goods and services on a global scale is at an unprecedented level. Luxury will examine all aspects of the subject: its historical formation and understanding, its contemporary global political and economic function, alongside an exploration of how the concept of luxury remains an impetus for design, popular culture, literature and fine art.

The journal will publish peer-reviewed papers from leading academics and commentators from a variety of disciplines providing an account of luxury that includes the historical, international, political and economic, alongside those directly concerned with the contemporary luxury industry. Each issue will demonstrate the breadth and interpretation of the term that its contemporary status demands and the contestation of luxury in the form of socio-political critique will generate challenging academic debate, establishing the journal as the leading forum for those interested in the field. – See more at:


Author: Sandra Ley

Sandra Ley is the visual arts and fashion design librarian for Pima Community College in Tucson, Arizona.

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