Historic French fashion magazines available, but for how long?

If you click on the links below you will have full text access to 6 historic French fashion magazines at the  Gallica database of the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF).

TS L’Elan de la Mode 1907-1914 21 issues
TS La Mode de Style 1890-1891 98 issues
TS La Revue professionnelle de la mode française 1917-1925 73 issues
TS Le Bulletin de l’art ancien et moderne 1929-1935 19 issues
TS Mode Palace 1901-1909 97 issues
TS Modes et Travaux 1919 and 1926 4 issues

Hosannah? Hurray? Well yes: for now, at least, because it might be too early to cheer, given the following remark that heads each of the issue lists: Issues available for one year

What does this mean exactly? Are these issues replaced by others after one year? Will I be recognized as a user by IP address today and is access to blocked after one year? I could not find the answer on the Gallica website. Maybe one of you could enlighten me?

Thanks & best regards,

Fred Goudswaard
librarian AMFI – Amsterdam Fashion Institute



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