NEW! Journals from Intellect’s Fashion Collection


“Fashion, alongside films, drama, art and design, is our culture’s mode of expressing itself. Fashion offers us something to project our identity onto, and over the years it helps build an individual’s as well as a community’s life story. It is for this reason that fashion publishing has a natural home at Intellect.”

Intellect is now offering several scholarly journals dedicated to the fashion and costume subjects. Article content in each journal covers a wide spectrum of cultural trends and interests regarding clothing. You’ll be happy to find that all first issues of each journal are available for free! Also, articles can be explored and read conveniently on a tablet or smartphone. For information about subscription, please go the journal website or email the Sales Department ( Journal titles which may be of interest include:

Fashion, Style & Popular Culture

The Fashion, Style & Popular Culture is a peer-reviewed journal specifically dedicated to the area of fashion scholarship and its interfacings with popular culture.

Clothing Cultures

This journal intends to embrace issues and themes that are both universal and personal, addressing [and dressing] us all.

Critical Studies in Fashion & Beauty

The Critical Studies in Fashion and Beauty is the first journal dedicated to the critical examination of fashion and beauty systems as symbolic spaces of production and reproduction, representation and communication of artifacts, meanings, social practices, and visual or textual renditions of cloth, clothing and appearance.

Critical Studies in Men’s Fashion

Critical Studies in Men’s Fashion is exclusively focused on men’s dress and topics of gender, identity, sexuality, culture, marketing and business.

Film, Fashion & Consumption

Film, Fashion & Consumption is a peer-reviewed journal designed to provide an arena for the discussion of research, methods and practice within and between the fields of film, fashion, design, history, art history and heritage.

International Journal of Fashion Studies

The International Journal of Fashion Studies is a scientific peer-reviewed journal that fosters the worldwide diffusion of Fashion Studies.

Studies in Costume & Performance (The first issue will be published in 2016)

The journal will bring together experts in costume, scenography, performance, fashion and curation as well as critically engaged practitioners and designers to reflect and debate costume in performance, its reception in production, exhibition and in academic critical discourse.

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