Teaching (and Learning!) Tools from Berg Fashion Library


As librarians, many of us do instruction on Fashion and Textile topics, or assist faculty in finding resources for their classes. Berg Fashion Library is of course a great resource for this as it includes a range of materials including encyclopedias, books, scholarly articles and images. To facilitate the effective use of these offerings, Berg has provided two teaching aids – Lessons Plans and Biblio Guides.

The Lesson Plans which feature compelling themes such as Gender and Fashion Media include an introduction to the topic, discussion questions, recommended readings and suggested ‘Enrichment Materials’ not included in Berg such as relevant films or websites.

The Bibliographic Guides are much more comprehensive, designed to provide an “overview of all the key readings and schools of thought within a particular disciplinary perspective.” In The Social Psychology of Dress, for example, the many aspects of how and why we dress and modify our bodies – from clothing and jewelry to surgery and Ipods – are touched on through a literature review along with a full list of references for further research.

For all of us who are interested in the study of Fashion, these resources can also just be fun and informative, an opportunity to think more broadly and deeply about a subject that surrounds us, and that we participate in every day.


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