Article: New United Nude Shoe Line 3D Printed Live in Dubai

“After launching their 3D printed Float line, in conjunction with 3D Systems, in Manhattan this summer, United Nude is back with another line of 3D printed shoes, this time popping up in Dubai.  united nude 3D systems coral 3D printed shoeThe new Coral shoe is inspired by sea corals, made with curved arches in the wedge heel and base, and designed specifically to be 3D printed on the CubePro from 3D Systems. Like its predecessor, the Float shoe, the Coral can be printed in any of the CubePro’s 25 filament colors, but, with the added ribbon used to tie the footwear to the feet, the shoe can be customized even further.  Designed by United Nude’s Creative Director at United Nude, Rem D. Koolhaas, and his team, the Coral shoe will experience a similar launch to the Float line, which popped up at their flagship store in New York temporarily.  The shoe will be printed live at the Vogue Fashion Experience at Level Shoe District, the largest shoe department at the largest shopping center in the world, The Dubai Mall.”  (Read entire article by On Wed, November 5, 2014 · 3D Printing)

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