WGSN subsribers?

Hello all,

A graphic design faculty person has asked about whether MICA might begin a subscription to WGSN.  She said:

WGSN is an industry standard for trends forecasting. The website offers information on fashion, art, and design. I would love to use it in my Patterns class and can see other departments using this resource as well.
I do know that it is expensive. I’m not sure if they have short-term contracts for academic institutions, but I thought I’d share to see if we might be able to gain access. I think the students and faculty could benefit from using this resource as a tool in the classroom.
I am now in contact with the sales department at WGSN and we will have a demo soon, and have a conversation re: subscription rates. But I wanted to ask this group whether / which other libraries are subscribing, and whether you consider the resource a good value for the amount of use it receives. Also, does everyone subscribe directly from WGSN, or is it available consortially? (We affiliate with AICAD, and with LYRASIS.)
Thanks for any information!
Kathy Cowan

6 thoughts on “WGSN subsribers?

  1. WGSN is heavily used at SCAD and gets a lot of cross promotion from the faculty here. It’s primarily targeted towards fashion, but covers visual trends in textiles, jewelry, interiors, display merchandising, packaging, and design as well. It’s very fun to use and agree that students get really into it. Because it’s an industry tool I also remind students that they might encounter it again in “the real world” after they graduate, and that experience with WGSN and trend research is a skill they should highlight when marketing themselves to potential employers.

  2. FIDM subscribes to WGSN. Before they merged with Stylesight I would have said that Stylesight was our most important online trend service, so now by default WGSN is. We subscribe directly and it’s expensive, but if we were to prioritize all of our trend service expenditures WGSN would be right at the top.

  3. Ohio University uses it, and we also promote it heavily. It’s the only database I’ve ever taught that students really love, get lost in. I think it is worth the cost. Compared to other services we tried, it is more robust, has more features, is easier to use.

  4. Savannah College of Art and Design subscribes to WGSN and, similar to Kent State, it is heavily used by our fashion/luxury departments. I recently had one graphic design instructor express concern about students plagiarizing content from the image databases within WGSN, so that is something to consider when teaching that group of students how to use it–ethics!

    Amanda Meeks
    SCAD Research & Instruction Librarian

  5. Kathy– Kent State’s Fashion School subscribes to WGSN as one of it’s forecasting resources. My experience is that it is heavily used by both students and faculty, but we also promote it heavily as well. All of the first year students are introduced to it as part of a Fashion Visuals project and as part of their general introduction to forecasting resources. We also subscribe to Doneger and although I do not have statistical comparisons, my sense is that (at least online) WGSN gets heavier traffic. Unfortunately, I cannot speak to whether there are consortial use agreements available.


    Edith Serkownek
    June F. Mohler Fashion Library

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