Fashion, Textile & Costume SIG 2014 Annual Report

The ARLIS/NA FTC SIG 2014 Annual Report has been accepted by the Board and is linked here:


Have a look, give us feedback, and make suggestions for the upcoming year!

Carla-Mae Crookendale
Visual Arts Research Librarian
Virginia Commonwealth University


4 thoughts on “Fashion, Textile & Costume SIG 2014 Annual Report

  1. Plans for the SIG meeting at the ARLIS conference are in the works! We will post the agenda to the blog soon. If you are a first-timer, you may want to attend the webinar this Friday Feb. 27th hosted by the conference organizers “Lunchtime Chat: “Destination DFW: Developing Your 2015 ARLIS/NA Conference Experience” Here is a link for more info:

    • I have been posting questions to the blog, but they aren’t coming across in my feed or getting any answers. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

      Sherri Saines

      • Hi Sherri, I did my best to answer your questions about finding info for a conference first timer. The info session was last week, but I’m trying to fnd out if it was archived. If it was, I’ll post a link. I neglected to mention that there will be no sessions directly related to fashion at this year’s conference, though I’m sure it will still be a great experience. Are there any other questions that I missed? If so I apologize and will do my best to answer them if you will ask them again…


  2. What are plans for the ARLIS conference? Are any Fashion SIG members doing presentations? Are there presentations you would recommend? I found the SIG meeting on Sunday; are there other meetings we should attend? Any advice for a first-timer?

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