ARLIS 2015 Report – Fashion, Textile & Costume SIG Meeting

ARLIS/NA Conference 2015
Costume & Textile Special Interest Group Meeting
Omni Hotel, Fort Worth
22 March 2015
3:30-4:30 pm

Vice-moderator (Moderator elect), Carla-Mae Crookendale, presiding


  1. 13 in attendance

Guest Announcements

  1. Heather Koopmans, Head of Research, Instruction and Special Collections, Savannah College of Art and Design – Librarian Wardrobe Blog:
    • Koopmans would like to step away from role as organizer for the ARLIS/NA conference fashion shots for the Librarians Wardrobe Blog
    • Koopmans reported on feedback received pertaining to the Librarians Wardrobe Blog (see below).
      • Perpetuates a stereotype around what art librarians look like
      • Portrays limited group
      • Detracts from academic/scholarly intention of ARLIS/NA
    • Attendee comments in response to Feedback received. The Blog provides…(see below):
      • Good visibility for ARLIS/NA
      • Potential to draw in younger librarians
      • Opportunity for conference attendees to connect with each other in a new way
    • Proposed solutions included:
      • Should we connect with editorial team about ARLIS/NA image?
      • Funnel images through ARLIS/NA Instagram?
      • Call out for volunteers (3-5) to take photos and submit to Librarian Wardrobe…think about how it should be done.
      • Talk to marketing department for ARLIS/NA about a branding strategy…does this collaboration fit?
      • A self-photography effort at future conference social events could achieve participatory benefits while complementing ARLIS/NA’s oral history / conference archives & is more inclusive.
      • Post a call for volunteers on the BLOG and see if volunteers step forward – From that point see what changes need to be made to the program.
  2. Peg Knight, ProQuest – Overview of WWD and Vogue:
    • WWD from 1910
    • Vogue Archive – 1892 to the present (U.S. vogue Run)
    • Peg encouraged librarians to think of fashion resources as cross-disciplinary, targeting other departments, such as, business, women’s studies, material culture, photography, etc.
    • Peg wants to hear how Vogue and WWD are used in research
    • The audience expressed an interest in Daily News Record, to be added to the database for men’s wear resources
  3. Geraldine Billingham, Editorial Director for Berg/Bloomsbury Publishing – New resources and features of Bloomsbury:
    • Bloomsbury Fashion Central
    • Fashion Photography Archive
    • Berg Fashion Library, New features…Exhibitions Archive
    • Kerry Taylor Auctions the world’s leading auction house specializing in vintage fashion, fine antique costume and textiles has agreed to provide Bloomsbury with images
    • E-book platform for Fairchild Books

Call for Vice Moderator

  • Discussion of what the role is.
    • Collaborate
    • Manage BLOG – international scale
  • Call for Vice Moderator on the BLOG unless a volunteer steps forward in the next few days (UPDATE: Thanks to Nicole LaMoreaux at LIM College for volunteering! Blog Post to follow.)

Call for recommendations for FTC-related tours & museums for ARLIS 2016 (Blog post to follow.)

Open to general questions

Close of Meeting 4:30

Minutes submitted by Lauren MacDonald


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