Introducing Carla-Mae Crookendale, the new FTC SIG Moderator

Allow me to introduce the new FTC SIG Moderator for 2015-2016, Carla-Mae Crookendale, Visual Arts Research Librarian at Virginia Commonwealth University!

libguide-profile-pic-1smallCarla-Mae provided exceptional support to the SIG as Vice-Moderator for 2014-2015, so I’m particularly enthusiastic that she’s assumed the position of Moderator for this year.

She’s provided us with a bio so we can get to know her a bit better…


Carla-Mae Crookendale – BIO INTRO

I’ve always loved fashion. As a child, I made outfits for my dolls, and as a teenager I made outfits for myself (still do when I can find the time :). My grandmother was a seamstress and my grandfather a tailor, so I guess you could say it’s in the blood! Planning a life as a designer, I got my BFA in Metals & Jewelry and an MFA in Fashion from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). After college I worked as a jewelry and stained glass artist, taught jewelry design at SCAD, and taught costume design and managed the costume shop for the theatre program at Belhaven College.

I enjoyed my creative career, but was looking for a bit more stability, so I went back to school to become a librarian. I was already a library nerd, I was drawn to the history and research aspects of fashion, and I wanted to do something that could incorporate my art background. Also, my mother was a librarian, so I guess you could say it‘s also in the blood! My first ARLIS conference in Boston while I was working on my MLIS confirmed that it was the right decision – art librarians were my people. I was a Reference Librarian at SCAD’s Jen Library in Savannah before moving to Richmond this past fall. I am now the Visual Arts Research Librarian at Virginia Commonwealth University. Over the course of the next year, I look forward to sharing what I learn about fashion on my campus and in my community with the FTC SIG, and to hearing from all of you as well!


Thank you for your service to the SIG, Carla-Mae!

Sandra Ley, PCC Librarian & FTC SIG Founder

Author: Sandra

Sandra is a fashion and visual arts librarian, and lifestyle blogger at

One thought on “Introducing Carla-Mae Crookendale, the new FTC SIG Moderator”

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