Book Review: The SFP LookBook Atelier to Runway: New York Fashion Week Spring 2015


FNL_SFPLookBook_Galley_sm.pdfTypically a fashion lookbook provides an overview of a designers’ collection as a marketing tool. The Schiffer Fashion Press’s (SFP) Lookbook Series takes that concept to another level by presenting a comprehensive overview of an entire season at New York Fashion Week. You could probably collect this information by browsing through an assortment of magazines and blogs, but this format is a single, cohesive big-picture snapshot, providing an experience that would be hard to replicate. The latest 4th edition, The SFP LookBook Atelier to Runway: New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 follows this template. Like its predecessors, it includes hundreds of full color photos highlighting the trends for the season in clothing, hair, accessories and makeup. For spring 2015 there is a rich and diverse range of motifs, expressed in bold pattern, texture, color and layered structure.

FNL_SFPLookBook_Galley_sm.pdfWhat is new for this edition, as the title suggests, is more of a focus on the process involved in bringing a collection from the “Atelier to the Runway”. Author Andrea Kiliany Thatcher, a fashion journalist and contributor to the Fashion Spot blog, has leveraged her access in the industry, collaborating with photographers and editors to deliver a ‘backstage pass’ to readers. While most collections are represented through runway photos with a brief mention of theme, some include more of a behind-the-scenes perspective with pre-show photos of model preparation, hair stylist interviews, and even nail art. A select few go even further, featuring interviews with the designers themselves, discussions of inspiration and concept development, sketches, swatches and more. This kind of insight into both the art and the work of being a fashion designer is a valuable tool for students and teachers and a delight for fashionistas as well.


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