FTC tours at ARLIS 2016 in Seattle – Your Vote Needed

U & FTC in Seattle City Logo Color*

Hi Folks,

A few weeks ago, you were asked to let the ARLIS 2016 conference planning committee know your interests by filling out a survey . I hope you took a few minutes to do that, but completing the form was private which did not give us as a group the opportunity to discuss the options for potential fashion, textile or costume related tours we would like considered. Here are a few suggestions that have been made:

Let us know how you feel about these options or add some new ones by filling out our short survey. I’ll share your responses here on the blog, and refer the standouts to the ARLIS conference committee.

Let your voice be heard so we can get some FTC action in Seattle!

*Seattle’s city logo


One thought on “FTC tours at ARLIS 2016 in Seattle – Your Vote Needed”

  1. Just tour me through them all! If I had to narrow it down, I’d vote for Seattle Fashion Incubator and the Henry. Thank you SO much for organizing this for us!

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