Better Know an Electronic Fashion Resource


Curious about an electronic fashion resource that you’ve heard about but aren’t currently using? Thinking of trading in a tool you’re using now for something else? Maybe we can learn about some resources together! Have a look at this list, or suggest a resource we’ve missed. If there is enough interest, we’ll reach out to some of these companies and see if they’re willing to do a bit of show and tell for us with a webinar.

  • Trend Forecasting Databases:
    • Fashion Snoops
    • WGSN
    • Stylus
  • Research Databases:
    • Berg Fashion Library
    • ProQuest (WWD, Vogue Archives & Harpers Bazaar)
  • Tutorial Databases:
    • University of Fashion (streaming videos, flipped classroom)
  • Market Databases:
    • Mintel
    • GMID
    • MarketLine
    • RefUSA

7 thoughts on “Better Know an Electronic Fashion Resource”

  1. We had a demo of Textile Hive but felt the product wasn’t ready for the academic market yet (liscensing, pricing structure, etc). Maybe they’ve listened to our feeback?

  2. Hi Carla! I am the Assistant Editor for digital fashion projects at Bloomsbury Publishing, which includes the Berg Fashion Library. If you or anyone else would like more information or demonstrations etc. please do feel free to reach out, my email address is

  3. Other thoughts: Trend Council, RKMA Market Research Reports, and does Woodhead have a database of all their electronic textile and apparel books that can be accessed?

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