SCAD FASH + “Oscar de la Renta” Exhibition

SCAD has recently opened SCAD FASH, the SCAD Museum of Fashion and Film. Located at the SCAD-Atlanta campus, SCAD FASH will serve as a teaching museum, showcasing year-round fashion exhibitions, events and films that “focus on the future of fashion design, connecting conceptual to historical principles of dress — whether ceremonial, celebratory or casual.” SCAD FASH features more than 10,000 feet of exhibition space, collections storage, as well as a resource room and a media lounge where visitors can discover techniques, materials, films and digital presentations. The museum also serves as an extension of the classroom, affording SCAD students myriad learning opportunities and the chance to help develop and present exhibitions.


Now on view, SCAD FASH’s inaugural exhibit “Oscar De La Renta” explores the life and work of this designer and fashion house. More than 60 garments are view, many loaned from personal collections of taste-makers such as Beyonce, Anna Wintour, Oprah Winfrey and more. Visitors receive an intimate experience of the garments and the women who wore them, due to the show’s arrangement and close viewing within the space. The exhibition also incorporates projections and prints by SCAD alumni, as well as “Ovation for Oscar”, a new SCAD-commissioned short documentary. Additional info as well as learning exercises developed around the show are available in the curriculum guide (click to view or download a PDF).  “Oscar De La Renta” is on view through December 31st.


For more information visit

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