ARLIS+Librarian Wardrobe Collaboration Survey

As we get ready for the ARLIS/NA + VRA Joint Conference in March, its time to revisit a discussion we started at our SIG meeting at the last conference in Fort Worth on documenting conference fashion for the Librarian Wardrobe blog.

Heather Koopmans at SCAD initiated the collaboration in 2013 with input from  ArLiSnap and the FTC SIG though the project was not officially “owned” by either group.

Heather has asked the FTC SIG to take over managing the project, which we are happy to do. At the Fort Worth SIG meeting, members noted that the collaboration provided:

  • Good visibility for ARLIS/NA
  • Potential to draw in younger librarians
  • Opportunity for conference attendees to connect with each other in a new way

However there has also been some less than positive feedback about the collaboration from one ARLISian who felt that it:

  • Perpetuates a stereotype around what art librarians look like
  • Portrays a limited group
  • Detracts from the academic/scholarly intention of ARLIS/NA

What do you think?



Please participate in a short 5 question survey to share your thoughts here: (this survey will also be going out to the ARLIS membership on the listserv)

See photos from the last few ARLIS conferences on the Librarian Wardrobe blog here.


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