Looking for special collections of sewing books

I’d like to know if there are any libraries collecting sewing books, especially the 19th C women’s companion types.  These special collections don’t seem to be Google-able, as museum collections of costume, etc., are too entangled with the same search terms.  I’d appreciate any leads anyone can offer.



Author: Sherri B. Saines

Reference Librarian Ohio University Athens, Ohio

2 thoughts on “Looking for special collections of sewing books”

  1. Although this may not be not exactly what you seem to be looking for, our library (Arthur D. Jenkins Library) at the Textile Museum may have some resources that would be helpful. Our books tend to focus more on needlework than on garment construction. Another place that might have sewing books is the U.S. Department of Education Library (National Library of Education), which maintains an expansive collection of school textbooks through the years and might have texts used to teach sewing.



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