ARLISmatters: new ARLIS/UK & Ireland blog

Hi all,

We’ve been hard at work designing a new blog for ARLIS/UK & Ireland, and it has launched at last! To give you a bit of background, we used to publish a bi-monthly current awareness bulletin in hard-copy called the News-sheet. For a variety of reasons we decided we wanted to explore a new digital format so decided to build a blog to continue the publication in a new format.

The new blog, ARLISmatters, contains a lot of the same previous content (news, events, print and online resources, artists’ books exhibitions and news etc) as well as some exciting new features, like a jobs page and bi-monthly “In conversation with…” piece.

The link to the new site:

We want as many people to engage with this as possible, so welcome readers and comments from around the world! If you do also have content you’d like to submit (which we would love to receive) the email address for feedback/submissions is

Thanks all,

Alex Duncan


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